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Why are our projects... different?

We want to rethink about how to build new games and how to play them.

Picto responsive gameplay af72aafc3842e6ab6615ebfbbe99dc8ae1feb5806f233571a81254ce74809d01

Responsive Gameplay

The gameplay of our games adapts itself to the playing style of each player. Our goal? Making each gaming experience personalized.

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HTML5 Technology

We have created jBurst, an innovative and Open Source (soon) game engine in HTML5. It uses tools like PIXI.JS to manage the display with WebGL.

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Mobile and Desktop

Our game are compatible with Mobile and Desktop devices, each is designed to be playable on Desktop with a keyboard or a joystick as well as on Smartphones and Tablets.

Who are we?

Cyrille - Hugeen - Bogaert

JavaScript Expert at Toxicode, I spent a lot of time experimenting around HTML5 games. I decided to go further with Mugeen Games to offer players an alternative game experience.
Inspirations : Bastion, Bioshock, God Of War, Half Life
Links : Hugeen.com, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, StackOverflow

Lou - Loupine - Mosnier

Illustrator, Twisted Game Artist, Her unique style is perfectly consistent with the philosophy of Mugeen Games. Explore the world of Lou via the links below.
Inspirations : Tim Burton, Plant Versus Zombies, World Of Warcraft
Links : La Louve à Rayures, Twitter, Facebook Page, Etsy, Instagram

Antoine - Sevy - Ferreira-Abel

Game Designer, Level Designer, Antoine is an old school gamer with a solid knowledge of video games mechanics.
Inspirations : Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Red Dead Redemption

Ben - Bijimitsu - White

Musician, Composer, Ben has already made ​many and varied albums. He likes to explore every facet of music. Take the time to visit his website and discover his compositions.
Links : Orbeth, Facebook Page, Twitter

Dreamless logo de5d74e0296f71f9bc43c300ce339ffd3d8f7303fd41ba61faca7e1e7e65a72c

Immersive HTML5 Adventure Game

Dreamless victor vs sandman 64144f29dfcc2a39eff5a8c60aa464ee09e8f1f52194655eedec70e252c3eceb

A Story-Driven innovative Platformer Game

Play Victor, a little boy pushed against his will in the world of dreams. Fight the nightmarish forces of the mysterious sandman. Explore a variety of worlds, meet amazing creatures and discover a story full of twists.

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Available soon

The Prototype

This prototype was created a few months ago. You can discover here.

Originally, the game was based on ImpactJS. Now we have completely rebuilt the game engine named jBurst you will soon discover.

Dreamless prototype 2 7dbebcc8517eb8538c063fb3b613555240b6b22cb5aa8be75203b7243a2e0b38
Dreamless prototype 1 25fb1fe1df2ddaeeed4a9198b19e0d10745e09f3b9c921e8d4f60d7a9d2b6a69

Plagueworks logo 2d91e2d0bff6fbca4c31fef46a0ebff05c56087db705a2344cae02c6d8dc0f7e

Open-Source HTML5 Casual Game

Plagueworks preview f924004a305111dacb5808d686f2decb86f1915c2894679257bc2ea34d4209e7

Addictive and Accessible.

This game fills up your spared minutes.
It stimulates your brain, or not! Play the way you want, the game adapts itself to the way you play.

An optimized game experience on whatever platform you play (smartphone, tablet, desktop)..

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Available soon

Learn Icon eye 11454583715dc480e5f97f8071f02bbbb0de3269b268c8bff6d259a47648b611

A series of making-of tutorials will be written. By following this course you should be able to make a HTML5/JavaScript game of this type from A to Z with our jBurst Framework.

Contribute Icon flask 6d2161363e2008a3ad96be201f0c33ba44942e206d5a9431fc6d9fa6ed3d3350

Our Framework jBurst and all the code will be released as Open-Source. We designed it to be easily hackable so that everyone can help to improve it.

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Plagueworks is free, does not include any kind of advertising, and that will not change. We want to offer the best gaming experience possible, for free.

Help us to grow our reputation!

We need you to give us energy to move faster. Every Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter helps us.

We set goals, similar to what you can see on Kickstarter, except that we only ask for your support, not your money!



Goal 1 a2ec5455fe8144dfdc9d5ca0e114fdfb65ef67d44651ef85177612ef6ec055f5

Lightning Starter

1000 (1000 to go)

[] Release the Plagueworks Beta

[] Distribute jBurst on GitHub

Goal 2 3e9693be7c9c4a5f1ec21648ee078bbf80bf2e6e71d4a0b52da2d78d2fe50e68

Dream Walker

2500 (2500 to go)

[] Release the Dreamless Beta

[] Document jBurst on GitHub

Goal 3 edd89565c5f8a63c8741936cfc3bec238f93e86966f29c576f92baee722f5e9a

Tribu Maker

5000 (5000 to go)

[] Release Plagueworks 1.0

[] Write a Walkthough for jBurst

[] Create a Community Board


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Our only reward is knowing that people follow us and appreciate what we do (and what we will do).

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